PowerPoint Achieving Target Template

PowerPoint Achieving Target Template

This set provides a ready to use and easy to edit templates for presenting a business roadmap. 
The background is an image. All charts,  diagrams and color themes are fully editable

Keywords: Achieving targets,  water drops,  dart, blue, objective, purpose, bull's eye

This template set has 24 target achievement themed PowerPoint slides for :

  • Title, Sub-Title Slides
  • Agenda Slide
  • Data-Driven Graphs
  • Roadmap, Timeline
  • Matrix & Tables
  • Creative text boxes
  • Thank You slide
  • Other Charts


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Details of slides in this set:

PowerPoint Achieving Target Templates 1
PowerPoint Achieving Target Templates 2

The slides have the following presentation flow:

Proposed Road map
- Vision for the future
- Breakdown of goals
- Rationale for endeavor
- Supporting graph
- Supporting table of data
- Expected Impact areas
Current Situation
- Overview
- Matrix for evaluation
- Road map diagram

Breakdown of Goal
- Overall strategy statement
- Comparison charts - data-driven  & editable
- Resources required
- Factors to reach goal
- Goal components puzzle chart
- Resource status bar chart
- Accountability to teams/ individuals
Summary and Close
- Timeline or next steps chart
- Summary of Points
- Thank you slide

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