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Create powerful Strategy and Consulting Presentations with 100s of insightful business metaphors and consulting models. 
Get a wide range of management & consulting models, business, finance, risk, people concepts.
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Contents: 610 templates

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This pack contains models like SWOT, Venn, Onion diagrams, BCG Matrix, Situational Leadership Models, V diagram, Balanced Score card, Acronyms like SMART & ADDIE, Bell or Normal Curve, Product Adoption Curve, Development models, butterfly diagrams,  5 forces model, influence diagram, demand - supply,  Tradeoff matrix and more. You can also find Fishbone, Domino, Cause Effect, Decision Tree, Wheel, quadrant, core  & relationship models.

In the concepts section, you'll find business metaphors, metaphors related to work place, dealing with people, brainstorming and ideation, filtering, success, obstacles, finance, risk, insurance, transformation, leadership and more.

Browse through the sections below to view the contents of this pack

Browse PowerPoint Model templates in this pack

Browse More Cause Effect & Fishbone Diagrams

Cause Effect Converging Arrows
Fishbone diagram cause effect

Browse More Creative Cause Effect & Tree Diagrams

Root causes diagram
Creative outcome diagrams

Browse More Core Diagrams

Core and Surrounding Factors
Core Message and Factors Diagram

Browse More 3D Core Diagrams

3D Core Diagram with arrows
Points around central factor

Browse More Decision Trees

Decision Tree with 6 outcomes
Creative Decision Tree

Browse More Filter Diagrams

Multiple PowerPoint Filters
Filteration Process

Browse More Management Models

SWOT Analysis
Balanced Scorecard Diagram
BCG Matrix
Siutational Leadership Model

Browse Even More Models

Concentric Circles Model
Acronym ADDIE

Browse More Quadrants & Matrix

Infographic Style Quadrant
Matrix with X Y axis

Browse More Relationship Diagrams

4 Pillar Temple Diagram
3 Sided 3D relationship diagram

Browse More Venn Diagrams

3 Part Venn Diagram

Browse More Wheel Diagrams

PowerPoint Wheel Diagram

Browse PowerPoint Concepts Templates in this pack

Browse More Finance & Risk Concepts

Sources of Revenue PowerPoint concept
PowerPoint Risk Parameters Template

Browse More Generic Concepts

Inputs from multiple sources
Merge Concept PowerPoint

Browse More People and Workplace Concepts

People Facing Traps Concept
Factors Affecting an Individual

Browse More Ideation concepts

Collective Thinking Concept
Entering a thought Concept

Browse More Metaphors

Balancing Ideas Metaphor
Facts Feeling Metaphor

Browse More Success & Opportunity Metaphors

Selecting an Option Metaphor
Success Peak Concept

Features of this pack


Fully editable models: change colors and add or remove elements to suit your requirement. The diagrams will adapt to your presentation color theme.


Creative concepts: Ready to use business concepts that you can just copy and paste to create more insightful and professional slides.


Compatible: PPTX files that you can use on PowerPoint 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 on both Windows, Office 365 and Mac as well as compatible software.


Versatile: Use these templates to make your business presentations, customer presentations, strategy presentations, marketing plans, business plans and brochures interesting and memorable.

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Download Now & Save $50 

File Type: PowerPoint Windows,Office 365 & Mac

Price: $199 249

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