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WOW your audience and your boss by adding these fully editable info graphics to your next presentation. Just copy & paste to create stunning presentations, brochures, sales pitch etc. in minutes!

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File Type: Pptx for PowerPoint 2010, 2013, 2016 & 2019 for Windows  & Office 365
PowerPoint 2011, 2016 & 2019 on Mac 

Contents: 604 templates with themes 

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The editable infographics for PowerPoint includes templates to present information, data, lists, text, ideas, processes and more! Browse the different sections in this pack below.

Browse More Creative Infographics

Creative Infographics with ribbons
Creative Infographics Paper Effect

Browse more Graphics for Information

Stepwise Information Graphics
PowerPoint Information graphics with Metallic Finish

Browse More Editable Infographics

Data Infographics showing Increase Decrease
Tachometer Infographic

Browse More Data Driven Charts
Pie, Column, Bar, Line Area, Radar, Bubble Charts

Segmented Pie Chart
Stylized Column Chart

Browse More Creative Text Boxes

Creative text boxes
Text boxes with Pencils

Browse More Text Boxes with Tags

Different colored tags
Wooden Text Tags

Browse More Text Boxes for Announcements

Wooden Announcements
Signposts for announcements

Browse More Numbered Lists

Sticker Style List
4 Infographic style text boxes

Browse More Circular Lists

Circular List with 3 Points
Circular Lists for 8 points

Browse More Creative List Graphics

Smartart Style List
Creative List with Splash design

Browse More Text boxes with Titles

3 Text Boxes with Metallic Titles
Text boxes with Grey background

Browse More 3D Process Graphics

3 stage process flow
S Shaped Flow Diagram

Browse More Creative Process Graphics

Browse More Linear Flows

PowerPoint Process Linear
9 Step PowerPoint Process

Browse More Gear Graphics

4 sides of a process
Folded brochure style graphic

Browse More Arrow Shape Templates

Diverging Metallic Arrow
Converging Arrows

Browse More 3D Circle Shape Graphics

3D circle diagram with glossy balls
3D Circular Flow with 5 stages

Browse More Segmented Circle Shapes

5 segmented circle
6 Factors segmented circle

Browse More Circular Flows graphics

Circular Flow
Circular Impact Diagram

Features of these infographics templates:


The templates are created fully in PowerPoint. So it is easy to customize colors, gradients and elements to suit your requirement. You can change the templates to your corporate colors.


The templates will adapt to your presentation colors or can retain the original colors ( Tick Keep Source Formatting option when Inserting templates)


No need to learn any new software. No need to engage expensive designers. No need to struggle with PowerPoint features. The 600+ different options ensure you can present a variety of ideas and information.

Get 600+ editable PowerPoint Infographics Pack now...

Download Now & Save $50 

File Type: PowerPoint for Windows  & Office 365

Price: $199 249

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