PowerPoint Infographic Templates for Data

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PowerPoint Infographics for Data

Find creative and fully editable infographic templates for presenting data like tachometers, barometers, sliders, scales, battery, comparison charts, yes/no charts and more.

Use these stunning templates in your presentations to share your data and information.



Information graphics

Creative Set

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Tachometer with 10 divisions


Tachometer with 5 positions

Tachometer 2

Scale with 10 bars

PowerPoint Meter 01

Barometer with 10 divisions

PowerPoint Meter 02

Battery Infographic

PowerPoint Battery 01

Battery with 7 bars

PowerPoint Battery 02

Battery showing completion

PowerPoint Battery 03

Dials with increment %

PowerPoint infographic Dials

Quarters with details

PowerPoint infographic Kite

Project phases

PowerPoint infographic Phases

8 parts in a circle

PowerPoint infographic Parts

5 parts stars

PowerPoint infographic Stars

Hexagon with 6 parts

PowerPoint infographic Hexagon

PowerPoint Infographic

PowerPoint infographic Data

Infographic for statistics

PowerPoint infographic statistics

Banners with statistics

PowerPoint infographic banner

Showing ups and downs

PowerPoint infographic numbers

Infographic for statistics

PowerPoint infographic for and against

Graphic showing % Likes

PowerPoint infographic likes

Present Key statistics

PowerPoint infographic key statistics

Present Key statistics

PowerPoint infographic key statistics 2

Arrows for growth comparison

PowerPoint infographic comparison

6 Point Scale

PowerPoint infographic scale

3 Different targets

PowerPoint infographic targets

Editable sliders

PowerPoint infographic sliders

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