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PowerPoint Graphs Templates

Find pre-formatted data-driven charts in this section.  This includes commonly used business graphs like pie chart, line graph, trend lines, moving averages, bar chart, column chart, radar chart, area chart and bubble graph.

All templates are  fully editable using the in-built worksheet function in PowerPoint.
How to edit charts?







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Click on images below to view details

Pie Charts

3D Segmented Pie Chart

PowerPoint pie chart 02

Segmented Pie Chart

PowerPoint pie chart 01

Segmented Pie Chart

PowerPoint pie chart 03

Pie Chart with gloss

PowerPoint pie chart 04

Pie Chart with frame

PowerPoint pie chart 05

Pie Chart with frame

PowerPoint pie chart 06

Pie Chart with 3D

PowerPoint pie chart 07

Pie Chart with highlight

PowerPoint pie chart 08

Pie Chart with details

PowerPoint pie chart 09

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Column Charts

3D Column with Background

PowerPoint column chart 01

3D Stacked Cylinder

PowerPoint column chart 02

2 Color Column Chart

PowerPoint column chart 03

Stylized 3D Column chart

PowerPoint column chart 04

Stacked Cylinder on Platform

PowerPoint column chart 05

100% Stacked cylinder

PowerPoint column chart 06

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Bar Charts

Stylized Cluster Bar Chart

PowerPoint bar chart 01

Distribution shown in a bar

PowerPoint bar chart 02

Stacked Bar Chart

PowerPoint bar chart 03

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Line Graphs

Line graph on notepaper

PowerPoint line graph 01

Line graph in 3D

PowerPoint line graph 02

Line graph with highlight

PowerPoint line graph 03

Bulls & Bears Icon Graph

PowerPoint line graph 04

Line chart with explanations

PowerPoint line graph 05

Line chart with markers

PowerPoint line graph 06

Breakeven projection with trend-line

PowerPoint line graph 07

Line chart with 3 period moving average

PowerPoint line graph 08

Performance forecast and linear trend line

PowerPoint line graph 09

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Other Graphs

100% Stacked Area Chart

PowerPoint Area Chart 01

Stacked Area Chart in 2D

PowerPoint Area Chart 02

3D Stacked Area Chart

PowerPoint Area Chart 03

100% Stacked Area Chart

PowerPoint Area Chart 04

3D Bubble Chart

PowerPoint Bubble Chart 01

Bubble Chart with Bevel

PowerPoint Bubble Chart 02

Scatter Plot

PowerPoint Scatter Plot

Radar Chart with lines

PowerPoint Radar Chart 01

Radar Chart with color fill

PowerPoint Radar Chart 02

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How to edit data-driven charts

Editing Graphs

The screenshot at the top shows how easily the graphs in this set can be edited. The graphs work using the worksheet function in PowerPoint. Just Right click (Ctrl + click in Mac) on the graph, Edit Data and insert your own data.

  • No additional software required.
  • You can copy & paste data from Excel.
  • Easily change colors, 3D effects etc.

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