How To Change Your PowerPoint 2013 Office Theme

Are you tired of those orange strips of your PowerPoint 2013? Do you know that you can change the way your PowerPoint interface looks? Yes. PowerPoint allows you to change the Office Background and Theme to suit your liking. As a bonus, the change gets applied to all the other office applications to give a seamless look and feel. 

What you can change in the Office Theme:

PowerPoint allows you to change the Background (the small portion where you see some design) and the Theme (the portion around the slide and the color of the strip)

PowerPoint Office Background and ThemePowerPoint Office Background and Theme

Though the areas influenced by the change seem small, the difference in the look and feel is dramatic.

How to change the Background & Theme?

Go to File -> Account option as shown below:

Steps to change office background and themeSteps to change Office background and theme

There you can find the pick list options for Office Background and Office theme.

Settings for Office ThemeSettings for Office Theme

You can choose the following Office Background options:

Office Background OptionsOffice Background Options

I like the elegant design of Calligraphy.

You can choose the following Office Theme options:

White, Light Grey and Dark Grey

Office theme settingsOffice theme settings

Here is what your PowerPoint work area would look like with the different theme options:

PowerPoint 2013 Office ThemePowerPoint 2013 Office Theme

We typically use White setting when we want to take screenshots.

Once you make the changes, click on OK and close the dialog box. You can see the look and feel of your PowerPoint 2013 totally changed.

This simple customization allows your interface to stand out from the usual default option.

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