2 Easy Ways to Deal With large images in PowerPoint

Struggling with managing large images in PowerPoint? In this article you will find 2 easy ways to control outsize images and show them properly in your slide.

If you want good images with high clarity, they usually are fairly large and heavy. When you stick them on your slides, they go way out of slide boundaries. They bloat up the file size too. In this article, you will learn how to manage such large images easily.

Method 1 : Resize Photos by Shrinking

Step 1: Stick the large image on your slide

The first step is to stick the large image you find from stock photo sites or public domain to your slide using Insert -> Pictures option.

Insert Picture Options in PowerPointInsert Picture Options in PowerPoint

Step 2: Resize the image

You would observe that the picture is so large that you only see a small portion of the image on your slide as shown below: 

Large Image in PowerPoint SlideLarge Image in PowerPoint Slide

There are a couple of ways to resize the picture to fit within the slide boundaries. 

Go to ‘Zoom’ tool at the bottom ribbon in PowerPoint as shown below:

Reduce Slide Zoom in PowerPointReduce Slide Zoom in PowerPoint

Click on the ‘-‘sign or ‘Zoom out’ sign till you see the entire picture. You can also do this by moving the slider to the left. In the following case, we have zoomed out the image to 17% of the size, so we could resize the image:

Image Zoomed Out in Slide

Now, click on one of the corners. While holding the ‘Shift’ key pull in the image to shrink it to fit the slide:

Image Shrunk to Fit SlideImage Shrunk to Fit Slide

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Method 2 : Resize Photos by Cropping

Select the picture. Go to ‘Format’ tab. Change the Height and Width to 7.5 and 10 inches respectively.

Adjust Pictures by CroppingAdjust Pictures by Cropping

If you can’t find the picture in the slide area, you can zoom out to locate the picture and move it to the slide area.

Reducing the file size:

Just to make sure that the picture stays in the same dimension and to keep the file size low, select the picture. ‘Cut’ it and paste it back as ‘PNG’ image using ‘Paste special’ option (You can access Paste special option using ‘Ctrl + Alt + V’ combination).

Paste Special to Reduce Picture SizePaste Special to Reduce Picture Size

That is how you manage the size of very large images in PowerPoint.

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