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Do you know that there are some hidden PowerPoint Design Elements you can reuse to make your presentations look remarkable? They are hidden in Design theme sets that come as part of PowerPoint. Most presenters have no idea how to isolate and reuse these elements from the design themes.

1. Hidden Textures in PowerPoint 2013:

How would you like the following wall texture to use in your business presentations?

Hidden Wall Texture PowerPoint Design

You can use the wall to show the concept of a barrier, or as a design element as part of your own design.

How would you like the following perforated metallic sheet texture to use on your slides?

Mesh Texture from PowerPoint 2013 Design Themes

These are available as part of the design theme sets in PowerPoint. The theme from which the element is taken is mentioned on the images.

2. Hidden Design elements in PowerPoint 2013:

Take a look at the business card design element:

visiting card design element from PowerPoint

You can use this element as a simple background or to share your contact details at the end of the presentation.

Here is a nice design element to depict upward trend or turning point:

Trend design in PowerPoint 2013

As you can see, the elements can be creatively re-purposed to design more insightful presentations.

3. Hidden Graphics in PowerPoint 2013:

These beautiful water droplets are taken from the design theme sets:

Water drops design graphics

Even the following circuit design graphic is taken from a design theme in PowerPoint:

Circuit Design Theme from PowerPoint 2013

When you want to add some flowery pattern to your slides, you need not go beyond the design theme sets as shown here:

Flower Theme Pattern from PowerPoint

How to access these PowerPoint design elements and graphics?

Go to the ‘Design’ tab in PowerPoint ribbon. Choose one of the Design themes to apply.

Select Design Tab in Ribbon

We chose to apply the following design theme titled Main Event:

Applying Main Even Design theme

Go to View -> Slide Master as shown below:

View Slide Master

Go the relevant slide master layout.

Select Master Layout for Theme

Select all the elements on the layout except the background wall texture and press ‘Delete’.

Delete unwanted design elements

Your Wall texture is now ready to pick up.

Hidden Wall Texture PowerPoint Design

You can copy and paste this texture shape anywhere you need. You can also use the wall texture to create some amazing 3D diagrams like this:

You can find interesting concepts that we have created using a wall as a concept for obstacle here. The concepts are part of the 600+ PowerPoint concepts and models pack.

Now, go ahead and explore the remaining design themes and see how we extracted the other examples we showed you in this article.

Quick Note: Playing with existing design elements is one way to spruce up your presentation. However it takes a lot of time and effort to create high quality graphics and diagrams from scratch.

Another way to impress your audience is to use relevant high-quality title backgrounds and themes based on the type of your presentation.

You will find such examples below from our PowerPoint Backgrounds themes pack. The pack has 130+ sets with matched backgrounds for title slide, content slide, section header and a color theme that business presenters can use to instantly make over their presentations.

You can find out more about these templates and browse the contents of the pack here.

Examples of Ready To Use PowerPoint Business Themes

1. Business Plan Theme:

In the following example template uses the simple design to present a business plan. The set contains background for title, section header, content layout and an appropriate professional color theme. You can add your business logo and content.

Elegant Crisscross PowerPoint Theme

Source: Business Plans from Backgrounds Pack

2.   Internet & Technology Themes:

The following template can be used to present technology and networking related material.

Global Network PowerPoint Theme

Source: Internet & Technology themes from Backgrounds Pack

3. Sales Pitch Theme:

This template set is from a sales pitch theme set. It can be used to show any business idea with focus on numbers or data.

Research Data PowerPoint Theme

Source: Sales Pitch Themes from Backgrounds Pack

 All of the above templates are taken from PowerPoint Backgrounds Pack.

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