PowerPoint Marketing Presentation : Design Makeover Example

Design makeover of a marketing presentation of a social media strategy presentation of a Coffee chain.  The section from which each template is mentioned near the made over slides.

All charts, themes & background Templates for resigned slides are taken from  All Inclusive PowerPoint Templates Bundle.

Click on the slides below to view them in detail

Typical Marketing Slides

Redesigned Marketing Presentation

Regular Title Slide

Title slide with theme of Marketing Plan

Introduction to company slide

Clearly presented Data Information

List of points

Points with related picture showcased

Slide analysis current market

The above slide consists of a lot of information.

Data is presented as bullet points instead of an easy to understand chart.

The information can easily be revised into a ready to understand SWOT model that lists - Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats in the market.

Quadrant showing SWOT of market

Data presented in 3D Pie Chart

3 Points of action

3 Points laid out with images

Steps in Campaign Goals shown as bulleted list

Campaign goals listed sequentially as 3D steps

Standard list of points

Numbered List of points are linked

Standard list of points presented with bullet points

The list is similar to the previous slide. So the same template is used.

Thank You slide asking for feedback

A more visual Thank You slide

Issues with the 'usual' slides in the marketing plan presentation above:

  • Boring format and theme for content
  • No effort to process information and present it meaningfully
  • Excessive use of long sentences that can simply be read out by presenters
  • Looks too tedious for audience to take the effort to understand
  • Visuals are used as decoration and kept to a minimum.

Benefits of redesigned slides in the above presentation:

  • Professional and Interesting look and feel
  • Highlights key points and reduces verbosity
  • Uses well-understood and popular models (SWOT) to present data
  • Information has been processed into meaningful diagrams
  • Use of images to present information clearly
  • Makes it interesting & easy to go through.

Here is an overview of the before and after slides used in this design makeover:

Before and After Marketing Slides Makeovera

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